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Benefits vs Complications of IVC Filters
The benefits and complications of the use of IVC filters to assist in treating the risks of pulmonary emboli need to be measured against each other. The inferior vena cava sends deoxygenated blood which has already circulated through the lower extremities back to the lungs. Interruption in this cycle because of blockages, or blood clots that travel to the lungs and cause an embolus, are serious health risks for patients. Often the deployment of an IVC filter is done when patients don’t tolerate blood thinning medication, are on bedrest and highly susceptible to repeated clot formations, or have a strong history of clots which do not respond to other treatment options.

Benefits of the IVC Filter
The benefits of selecting the IVC filter treatment option partially depend upon the reasons why each specific patient is opting for this procedure. However, in general there are common benefits to the use of an IVC filter.

• Vascular surgeons are able to perform the procedure without a large surgical incision. A small catheter is used and no stitches are required. This small entry site means that recovery is faster and less painful than when compared to procedures which require significant suturing.

• The patient who can’t take blood thinners has an option for protecting his/her health against pulmonary emboli.

• Patients have options for which type of filter is most appropriate. In some patients, such as those who are experiencing temporary immobility, a retrievable filter might be the best option. For other patients permanent IVC filters are available for patients who need long-term preventative treatment.

Risks of the IVC Filter
There are risks with the IVC filter that are simply inherent to having a procedure done (i.e. infection and health events during the surgery). However, there are other risks that are more closely associated with the specific nature of the IVC filter insertion.

• An allergic reaction to anesthesia or the iodine solution used in the x-ray imaging study used for guiding the guide wire.

• Movement of the IVC filter to the lungs where it is a life threatening condition which often requires open surgical intervention instead of a retrieval process.

• Defect of the device, including one that fails to properly open or one that suffers from a fracture in one of more of its legs. These legs can then further move independently, all the way to the lungs, and again cause severe complications.

While the risks outlined here can be significant, they also occur at very low rates. It is imperative that patients receive comprehensive education about their personal benefits and risks associated with selecting the IVC filter treatment option.

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