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7 Risks of IVC Filters
No surgical procedure has a one hundred percent rate of zero risks, and the treatment of blood clot complications with inferior vena cava filters is no exception. While there are a range of possible associated risks, this article focuses on seven specific risks that patients and physicians must consider. These risks are outlined below and in no way are made to be an exhaustive list.

1. Negative reaction to the correlated imaging study. In order for vascular surgeons to accurately deploy the IVC filter, typically a combination of imaging studies with contrast dye solution is used. The guide wire is inserted through the catheter and an iodine based solution allows surgeons to locate the precise point near the renal veins where the filter is most likely to be effective. A small percentage of the population is sensitive if not allergic to contrast solutions. This complication leads to a potentially life-threatening reaction. Precautions can be taken prior to the surgery if the sensitivity is known in advance.

2. An infection at either the catheter site or within the filter itself. Both of these are rare conditions and steps can again be taken to minimize the level of risk for infection. Thorough sterilization of the insertion point and care with the surgical tools and filter are essential. Signs of an infection range from fever and pain to severe blood infections which pose serious health risks.

3. Damage to the device. The IVC filter design includes very fine wire legs, which act as the filtration points. Rarely one or more of these legs may break off after deployment, or they may fail to fully open at the point of deployment. Either scenario often requires a removal procedure to either retrieve the broken leg and defective filter or to attempt to reopen the filter.

4. Migration of the filter. During the procedure the IVC filter is placed in proximity to the renal system. Rarely the filter unintentionally migrates to a secondary location. This threatens the heart and lungs, and potentially leaves the patient susceptible to pulmonary emboli, damage to the major organs, or even death.

5. The development of thrombosis at the filter site. In patients with high levels of clot formation, there is a risk that the filter site will develop thrombosis. A buildup of coagulation can impeded the filtration process and even restrict healthy blood flow. If the natural body anticoagulation response and prescribed medications are not enough to relieve this complication, further intervention may be needed.

6. Damage to veins. There is an inherent risk that either during the deployment process or afterward that veins will be damaged. The location where the damage happens and the severity of the injury determine the type of medical approach required for repair.

7. Catastrophic event during the procedure. This risk is very rare, but it is a real risk facing patients. A variety of aspects contribute to this (reaction to blood thinners, overall heart health, other health concerns, etc.).

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