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What are complications related to my IVC filter?
This question: What complications are there that are related to my IVC filter placement? is one that many patients ask when their doctors suggest to them that they might benefit from such a procedure. If you are such a patient, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about possible complications so that you can make the decision that is best for you and your particular health condition.

The inferior vena cava takes blood that is pumping from your legs and has used up its oxygen back to the lungs so that it can receive a fresh supply of oxygen. Deep vein thrombosis is a condition where you develop blood clots in your legs that can move to your lungs. If you have DVT and the clot moves to your lungs, you can experience a pulmonary embolus. This is where the clot moves and blocks a vein in your lung. This is a dangerous situation. This is why you need to consider you doctor’s recommendation of an IVC filter and the associated complications.

You are having a minor surgery. This carries risks because an opening is being made in the skin, a catheter is being inserted, and a wire and filter being maneuvered to one of the largest veins in your body. Related complications for surgery include:

-Infection – signs might include fever and/or swelling where the catheter was inserted
-Atypical bleeding – if you are taking blood thinners you might experience atypical bleeding from the incision site, which should be reported immediately
-Bruising and swelling – report any significant issues right away
-There are complications related to medicine and the contrast solution used in the procedure. Discuss the answers to the following questions with your doctor.
-Have you ever had a reaction to iodine?
-Have you ever been told you had an allergic reaction to a contrast dye?
-Are you able to take blood thinners? (If the filter becomes clogged you may need increased anti-coagulant treatment.)
-Are you taking insulin to treat diabetes? (The dietary restrictions before the procedure may require medication adjustments.)
-There are complications related to the filter placement. There is no guarantee that your surgeon will be able to place the filter in the exact location, and there is no guarantee that the filter will remain intact, or remain in place.
-There is a very slight risk that the filter could break and a part of it could migrate to your lungs. This is life-threatening.
- There is a very slight risk that the filter could entirely migrate from its intended location to the lungs. This is life-threatening.
Working with your doctors with clear communication and proper planning is the most effective way to have the best outcome.

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