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Seven Risks Associated with IVC Filters
IVC filters are used to prevent blood clots from causing any more damage than necessary. Most of the time these filters are reserved for people who cannot manage their blood clotting issue with anticoagulant therapy. Unfortunately, IVC filters feature a variety of risks, which is why they are a last resort when it comes to preventing pulmonary embolism.
What are seven of the most common risks faced by IVC filter users?

Reaction to Anesthetic or Contract Dye
Sometimes the risk begins before the filter is even in place. Anesthetic and contrast dye are used during the placement procedure and both can cause problems for the patient if he or she has a negative reaction.

Failure to Attach
It is possible the filter could fail to attach to the vena cava walls during the procedure. This means there will be an IVC filter that can move freely in the body until doctors discover it is not anchored properly to be effective.

Puncture of the Vena Cava Wall
IVC filters can puncture the vena cava wall at any time. It is more likely this will occur during placement or if the device comes loose. Make sure your doctor has experience with IVC filter placement before performing the procedure and discuss the symptoms of an unattached device, as well as what you need to watch for if the vena cava wall is punctured.

Device Fragmentation
IVC filters, especially retrievable ones, have a tendency to break. This fracturing can result in parts coming loose and traveling through the body, creating a host of secondary problems. It is even possible a fragment could lodge in soft tissue someone and become infected.

Device Migration
In addition to parts of the device moving throughout the body, it is possible for the entire device to migrate elsewhere and implant in an unintended area.

Embolization of Device
Sometimes IVC filters come lose and embolize, which means they travel to another location and create a blockage, just as would be the case with a blood clot. Essentially, the filter acts as a clot and puts patients at risk for the same reason a blood clot would.

Device Fails to Perform as Intended
Device failure is fairly common for IVC filters. Any of the above can cause device failure. When this occurs, not only are there secondary health risks, the original risk of pulmonary embolism returns because the filter is not in place doing serving its intended purpose.

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