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IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

IVC FIlter Side Effects


Patient Profiles for the IVC Filter
The following is a discussion of the profiles of patients who receive an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter or who are encouraged by their healthcare team to pursue the minor surgery to have one delivered. It should be noted that the IVC filter is not a form of treatment to decrease coagulation and prevent blood clot development.

Doctors encourage a significant number of patients who have a history of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and/or pulmonary embolisms (PE) and who are not responsive to pharmaceuticals. Some of these patients attempt the use of pharmaceuticals, such Coumadin, heparin, and Pradaxa, but the results are not enough to diminish instances of PE. Other patients are unable to receive such anticoagulants because of other health issues, including dangers from increased instances of bleeding.

Patients with histories of DVT and PE sometimes have genetic factors that contribute to their susceptibility. In other cases, the occurrences of DVT and PE are related to overall health. Patients can influences these overall contributing health factors.

• They can adopt a healthy eating plan that targets lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
• They can engage in weight loss programs.
• They can engage in exercise programs which both aid in losing weight (a contributing factor) and in limiting periods of immobility (another contributing factor).
• They can work with a dietician to reduce the severity of their diabetes.

Patients need to be aware of how their choices and medications contribute to excess coagulation. Smoking increases the likelihood of thrombosis. Medications used for hormone therapy increase the likelihood of thrombosis. Other medications interfere with the natural coagulation effects within a person’s circulatory system, and anyone at risk for DVT or PE should discuss with both his or her doctor and pharmacist about the potential drug and condition interactions.

Some conditions which contribute to the recommendation of IVC filter use but that are not as easily mitigated include:

Pregnancy – This temporary condition changes the hormone levels of the woman, as well as interrupts usual circulation. Blood volume also increases.
Injury – People who suffer from a traumatic injury event are more likely to need an IVC filter to offer protection from PE. These patients may be immobile and they may have required high doses of a coagulant during their emergency treatment.
Malignancy – Certain cancer and cancer treatments influence the coagulation factor. Cancer also influences coagulation because many of the treatments and effects contribute to lower rates of mobilization.

There are no standard profiles of patients who are likely candidates for inferior vena cava filters. However, certain related characteristics do make various population groups more likely than others to benefit from the prevention offered by the device.

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