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Deep Vein Thrombosis: Indication for IVC Filter
There are three basic types of veins in the human body: superficial, deep, and perforating. Superficial are the ones that produce that small amount of blood when a person gets a paper cut. Deep veins are those that are found deep within tissue and muscle, and they also are a route to the vena cava. Perforating veins are those with the job of providing connections between the superficial veins and the deep veins. When coagulation levels are in overdrive, blood clots can form in the deep vein systems.

Deep Vein Thrombosis: Common Symptoms
While not all patients show obvious symptoms of DVT, those who do usually display or report the following symptoms to their caregivers:

• They complain of consistent pain. This is often reported as a pain in the leg, which cannot be attributed to an injury or obvious event.
• Patients may report a feeling of heat on the skin above where the clot is. Upon examination, the caregiver can also determine this “hot spot”.
• Some patients report swelling in the limb that is affected by the clot. For example, if there is a clot in the right knee, the area below the knee might swell as circulation is challenged. This swelling can happen suddenly or gradually, depending upon the severity of the blockage.

Deep Vein Thrombosis: Risks and Complications
The most dangerous complication associated with deep vein thrombosis is the detachment of a clot from a position in a vein. This allows the clot to move to the lungs. If it reaches the lungs it is called a pulmonary embolism (PE). This has the potential to be fatal.
There is no magic formula for knowing which clots will break free and when, so vascular surgeons usually try to minimize the opportunities the clots have for developing and for reaching the major organs. Treatment to reduce clot formation usually includes:

Compression – done with the use of special stockings and with compression devices in the hospital setting
Anticoagulants – types such as warfarin and heparin can help to reduce coagulation and improve blood flow
When these approaches do not work, doctors sometimes turn to devices such as the inferior vena cava filter.

Minimizing Threats from DVT: The IVC Filter
A filter placed in the inferior vena cava has the potential to reduce the threat of PE. It does not, however, provide any benefits to patients in terms of reducing the clots. The filter protects the lungs from clots that are in route to the pulmonary veins. Filters are made of a metallic such as titanium or a nickel variety and shaped in either a cone or nest fashion. The spines or legs of the filter catch the clots. These filters are available as either permanent or temporary versions.

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