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IVC Filters: Benefits vs. Risks
IVC filters can be safe and effective, but there are also many people who have experienced problems with their filters. Part of this depends on the type of filter your doctor recommends. Permanent filters have been in use for many decades and are considered relatively safe, even though problems can occur. Temporary or retrievable filters have raised more concerns than their counterparts and there are some in the medical community who believe temporary filters pose a serious risk to health.
What are the benefits and risks of IVC filters in general?

• IVC filters require no surgical incision, just a small nick in the skin that does not even require stitches to close. Patients are bandaged and sent home within a day of their surgery.
• Filters have high rates of success protecting lungs from serious pulmonary embolus (PE) in patients who are unable to use anticoagulant therapy or for whom anticoagulant therapy proved ineffective.
• Any surgical procedure, no matter how minor, comes with some risk of infection. The chance you will acquire an infection that needs antibiotic treatment is less than one in 1000, but if you are that one, the statistics offer little comfort.
• Some people experience an allergic reaction to the dye contrast material injected during the procedure.

• Procedures that utilize a catheter inside a blood vessel put patients at risk for damage to the blood vessel, bruising or bleeding at the puncture site, or for infection.
• IVC filters can lodge in the wrong place during placement or change position and penetrate through the vein. Occasionally this damages nearby organs.

• Filters or a pieces of filters can break loose and travel to the heart or lungs causing injury or death.
• IVC filers can be so filled with clots they impede all blood flow in the vessel and causing swelling in the legs.
• There are reports that retrievable filters scarred to the vein and could not be removed.

They were left in permanently, which is not recommended by the FDA.
All in all, it comes down to your risk for pulmonary embolism and whether it is worth dealing with the complications possible from IVC filters. You might be one of the people who uses a filter without incident, but in some cases, the potential risk is worth it because the consequences of a blood clot are so severe.

Discuss with your doctor all of the potential risks and benefits, so you can make the best decision possible for your circumstances.

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