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IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

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IVC Filter Side Effects


Why Should I Take out My IVC Filter?

IVC filters are put in place to counteract health problems from blood clots. Clots could still form, but the filter helps prevent them from reaching an area of the body where they may cause injuries, for example, the heart. Blood streams around the filter and over time, your system naturally dissolves the clot.

Many people have determined IVC filters to be advantageous in supporting them control their risk with deep vein blood clots, but they are not ever 100% effective. As a matter of fact, the FDA has received more than 700 adverse event reports and a few estimates show as many as 50% of all IVC filter patients experience negative effects.

Getting rid of the IVC Filter

Some IVC filters are usually retrievable, so when they are inserted the procedure is done with the objective of one day eliminating the filter. Whenever the need for safeguarding against the increased risk for blood clots is long gone, health care provider should suggest removal. Occasionally it is really not safe to clear out a filter, therefore the removal will be postponed. For instance, if someone has developed an illness which makes it difficult to accomplish surgery, removal might be placed on hold until the condition clears up.

Filters are removed working with a process comparable to implantation. Contrast dye is injected nearby the filter so the medical professional can discover there are no clots and the procedure can be undertaken safely. A catheter is positioned and the filter is extracted by using an incision much like the one practiced during placement. There is a short recovery time through which the main concern is shielding the incision and preventing infection.

An IVC filter can also need to be removed when it breaks or migrates to an alternative part of the body. Several medical practitioners return the original intact filter to its location whenever possible, however if the filter breaks it will need to be upgraded. Quite a few persons elect to go through the removal process without replacing a broken or migrated filter simply because the hazards of which they were previously unaware now concern them. Figuring out how to move forward after an IVC filter breaks or migrates is a decision that ought to be made between you and your medical doctor.

FDA Warns about Removal of Retrievable Filters

One can find instances in which men and women have been promised removal at the time of insertion and later on the removal procedure was never scheduled. When you have a retrievable IVC filter, it is vital you discuss removal with your doctor. In light of the side effects, the FDA now highly recommends removal of all IVC filters that were never made to be permanent.

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