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IVC Filter Side Effects


Comparing Retrievable and Permanent IVC Filters
Blood clots pose serious – even potentially fatal – complications. This formation of clots is called thrombosis. One specific condition, known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), exists when clots form in the lower limbs. The embolization of clots is dangerous for patients. When clots break away from the lining of veins, they have the potential to reach the heart, lungs, or even brain, depending upon where the clots originate. Clots that reach the lungs are called pulmonary emboli.

To treat these clots and diminish the associated risks, medications are usually the first measure. Warfarin (Coumadin) is one example of a common anticoagulant. This and other medications do not always work. There are also medical situations where patients cannot receive anticoagulants, such as when the patient is pregnant or has suffered from an extreme trauma. Certain illnesses also prevent safe use of anticoagulants. For these circumstances, the IVC filter is sometimes the best available option.

There are two main categories of devices, although the filters have similar design and intention. The approach to placing the filters is also the same. Once the filter is placed in the IVC through a minor surgical procedure, it helps protect the rest of the circulatory system and organs from clot embolization. No matter the specific filter design, there is no ability of the filter to impact clot production of the body – just clot embolization.
Similarities between Retrievable and Permanent

There are many similarities between retrievable and permanent filters. Both designs are made of metals, including:

• Stainless steel
• Titanium
• Nickel-titanium

The filter design is either a cone or a web/nest. At the ends of the metallic points are barb-like features which allow the filter to take hold in the walls of the vein and remain safely in place. Both designs work to filter passing blood and stop clots from moving forward. Physicians determine which type of IVC filter – permanent or retrievable – to use based on the health needs of each patient.

Retrievable filters are the choice for patients with temporary threats by blood clots. These include patients who are pregnant, as their conditions have a definite end-time. Retrievable filters are also the choice for patients in the hospital and immobile for a limited amount of time.

Permanent filters are the choice for patients who are determined to have a prolonged risk associated with thrombosis. These risks are those that include DVT and extended terms of immobility.

There are also instances where once intended retrievable filters need to or by default end up remaining in place.

• The health of a patient changes and the need for the filter continues.
• A patient fails to follow-up as necessary to arrange the removal.
• It is found that the filter is surrounded by extensive scar tissue and removing the filter might be more dangerous than leaving it.

As both filter designs are similar, there is generally no significant risk associated with leaving retrievable filters in place when warranted by changing health circumstances.

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