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IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

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What Do IVC Filters Treat?
IVC filters are a medical device implanted into the body to help manage blood clots and prevent them from moving throughout the body and creating dangerous complications. They are used as part of the treatment plan for deep vein thrombosis, which occurs when blood clots form in a deep vein the body. Usually, this happens in the lower leg or thigh, but it is possible for clots to form in other parts of the body. When they form in surface veins they are really not dangerous and clear up on their own. Clots that form deep within the body and travel to the organs create the biggest risk.

The most severe problem that occurs with deep vein thrombosis involves the breaking off and traveling of the clot through the bloodstream. Once the clot comes loose, it is called an embolus and can travel to an artery in the lungs and impede blood flow, creating a condition known as pulmonary embolism. This is very serious and can cause damage to the lungs and other organs, and be fatal.

What are the Risk Factors for Deep Vein Thrombosis?
There is a number of things that put a person at risk for deep vein thrombosis and make him or her a good candidate for IVC filter treatment. These things include:

• A family history of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis
• Factors that increase your risk for thickening or clotting blood, including hormone therapy, birth control pills, or family history
• Surgery
• Long-term illness that leaves you bedridden
• Injuries in a deep vein from a broken bone or other trauma
• Cancer treatment
• Pregnancy and post-partum
• Old age
• Smoking
• Obesity

When one or more of the above risk factors is combined the risk increases even more.

Are IVC Filters Effective?
IVC filters do not eliminate deep vein thrombosis and are only intended to hold a blood clot in place until the body can naturally dissolve it. Unfortunately, IVC filters are not 100% effective and some people find using them does more harm than good.

Though they do reduce the risk for pulmonary embolism, they can also create a host of other risks. Some people have experienced complications including the breaking away of pieces of the filter, as well as the migration of the entire filter. When this occurs, additional surgeries are needed to locate and replace, repair, or return the device.

There is also some risk during the surgical procedure to place the device, including infection, injury, bleeding, and negative reaction.

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