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What Do You Need to Know about IVC Filters and Anticoagulation?
Coagulation of the blood is normal and the average person experiences blood clotting without even knowing it. The body has a natural ability to break down clots before they become a problem. Where the clot occurs is also a factor and most occur in surface veins, which means they are not high-risk.

Unfortunately, some people experience blood clotting in deeper veins. There are a number of factors that increase a person’s risk for deep vein clotting on a permanent and temporary basis, but regardless why this type of clotting happens, it is important to manage it because the consequences can be fatal.

If a deep vein blood clot breaks free, it can move through the vascular system and block blood flow to the heart or lungs. When blood flow is blocked to the lungs the condition is known as a pulmonary embolism.

Preventing Embolisms
There are ways to prevent pulmonary embolism and avoid the dangerous conditions associated with them. The first line of defense is usually anticoagulation medication. This is medication that thins the blood and prevents clots from ever forming. It is still possible for a clot to form when a person is on blood thinners, but the risk is far less likely.
Sometimes blood thinning medications are not an option or are not enough to prevent blood clots. In these cases, doctors recommend the insertion of a device known as an IVC filter. This is an umbrella-like tool made from metal wires that is inserted into the vein. It “catches” any blood clots that form and prevents them from traveling to the lungs.

Using Anticoagulants and IVC Filters Together
In many cases, patients are prescribed anticoagulant medication in addition to the IVC filter insertion. It should be noted that IVC filters do nothing to prevent blood clots. Some even believe they increase a person’s risk for clots forming because they can cause blood to pool. What they do is block the clots from causing damage. When used together, the anticoagulation medication reduces the chances a clot will form and when one does, the filter is intended to block it from damaging the body.

Neither of these options is full-proof and in some cases, especially when the risk is temporary, there are concerns the problems associated with IVC filters are worse than the risk for blood clots. Before agreeing to IVC filter implantation, discuss the risks and options with your doctor.

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