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If you or a loved one suffered complications from an IVC filter that moved or fractured, call us today for a free no obligation consultation.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our contact form and a Lancaster IVC Filter Lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours.  The FDA has warned of ivc filter complications and side effects.  Some filters may move or fracture and cause serious injuries including heart damage, lung damage, internal bleeding, and even death.  If you have suffered ivc filter complications call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 to get the facts.  There are no legal fees unless you receive compensation.  Certain time limits may bar your ability to bring a claim, so you must act quickly.  Call now.

IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

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IVC Filter Side Effects


Preparing for an IVC Filter
If your doctor has told you that in order to reduce the risks to your heart or lungs of blood clots that you need an IVC (inferior vena cava) filter, there are several ways that you can prepare yourself for this procedure. The first is to fully understand the reasons why you might be in need of an IVC filter, and the second is to understand how you can be as healthy as possible as a patient before stepping into the procedure room. It is also important that you prepare for your lifestyle after the IVC filter placement procedure.

Need for an IVC Filter
If your doctor has told you that you need an IVF filter, it is probably because you are in danger of developing blood clots in your legs or pelvis area. Perhaps you already have experienced these clots and medications are not helping. The design of the IVCF filter serves the purpose of gathering blood clots in your inferior vena cava before they can reach your heart or lungs. If clots do reach these organs, they can cause serious pain, damage, and even death. The filter is like a wire cone. It is designed to stay in place in your inferior vena cava – most often permanently.

Before the Procedure
Before you arrive for the procedure, be sure that you have asked your doctor any questions about what to expect during and after the IVC filter is in place. Some of the things you can expect to happen in the days leading up to the procedure include:

• Routine blood work
• A thorough health history
-Be certain to let your doctor or the nurse know of any history allergies to contrast dyes, as they will probably be used during the procedure to guide the filter into place.)
-If your kidneys are not functioning well, you might take a medication to protect them from the contrast dye.
• A thorough review of the current medications you are taking
-Some medications will need to be reduced or stopped prior to the procedure, but this should only be done under the direct guidance of your doctor.
• Directions about what to eat or drink prior to the procedure
-Be sure to follow these directions precisely.
• Instructions about caring for yourself after the procedure
-Plan to have someone else drive you home after the IVC filter procedure. You may need to have him or her stay with you for a day or so as well.

It is also essential that you are at your healthiest before going in for this IVC filter placement. Optimal eating and exercising plans arranged with your doctor can help make the procedure outcome as positive as possible.

After the Procedure
Be certain to follow all of your doctor’s instructions for after the procedure, including having someone else stay with you and watching for signs such as abnormal bruising, swelling, or bleeding from the catheterization site. Your doctor should give you a thorough list of warning signs for which to watch during your recovery at home. Be sure to attend your follow-up appointments and report any unusual symptoms to your doctor right away.

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