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What are the risks of my IVC filter?
You are going to have an inferior vena cava filter implanted. However, this does not come without possible complications. Understanding your needs for the filter, your preexisting conditions, and potential outcomes of the filter procedure is a very important part of your healthcare.

The filter will act as a stopping point for large clots that pose threats to your heart and lungs. If you have had a pulmonary embolus in the past, then you are aware of the dangers of continued passage of clots.

A history of deep vein thrombosis is another reason why your doctor might be recommending the deployment of a wire filter within your inferior vena cave. The filter will sit just below your kidneys. If you cannot take sufficient blood thinning medications to lower your risk of clots, this is another reason why you are a candidate for the filter.
Complications are associated with the placement of the filter, and can present as:

• An infection from the incision, with perhaps symptoms such as fever, swelling, or pain after the procedure
• An allergic reaction to the iodine used in your contrast solution, which might give you hives or even difficulty breathing well
• A hematoma at the site where the technician inserted the catheter
• Damage to your vein, either the one that is used to deliver the catheter or at the site of the IVC deployment

Although it is rare, you should also be aware that the possibility of problems with the filter itself exists. There are four general ways that problems can arise with the IVC filter.

1. Your filter is not deployed in the best position. A decision then has to be made as to when and how to move it safely. Sometimes the malposition is not realized right away, but only upon second examination.

2. Your filter breaks apart. In these situations, a part of the filter could drift in your inferior vena cava to your heart or lungs. This can cause perforations and serious effects.

3. Your filter moves in entirety. When an IVC filter becomes loose and moves from the desirable place, it has the potential to move all the way to your lungs. This is a potentially fatal instance.

4. Your filter becomes overfilled with clots. This is a gradual process. You will likely notice symptoms such as swelling in your lower extremities as the blood supply is affected. Your body, however, will try to compensate for this and build new routes of veins. These veins, though, are not offered the protection of the filter and clots may pass through them and on to your lungs.

As you can see, understanding the possible complications and outcomes is a process. Be sure to discuss all concerns with your doctor. The complications need to be weighed against the benefits.

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