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IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

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Is My IVC Filter Compatible with Other Medical Treatment?
For the most part, IVC filters are chosen as an alternative because the primary option for preventing pulmonary embolism interferes with other medical conditions or treatments. Many people cannot take anticoagulant therapy because it will cause them harm or cause too much bleeding because of their overall medical situation. In these cases, IVC filters are chosen as the least dangerous option.

There are instances in which some IVC filters can interfere with other medical treatments. There is evidence that some filters are not compatible with MRI machines, but it depends on the amount of magnetism used in the MRI and the specific filter type.
There are both MR safe and MR conditional IVC filters. Patients with MR safe filters can undergo MRI scanning at any time after their filter is placed. If a patient has an MR conditional filter, there is risk for it becoming magnetized if the MRI is conducted within six weeks of IVC filter placement.

There are currently two types of IVC filters that come with a risk of becoming magnetized:
• Cook Medical’s Gianturco-Roehm Bird’s Nest Vena Cava Filter
• Boston Scientific’s stainless steel Greenfield® Vena Cava Filter

If there is no reason to suspect the device is out of place and the physician considers a scan necessary, it is conceivable one could be given without incident. The trouble is there is no way to officially guarantee there will be not complications.

Problems with Magnetic Fields and Safety Warnings
In 2010 the FDA issued a general safety alert about IVC filters. This was related to long-term use of retrievable filters, and how this increased the risk for filter migration and fragmenting. The warning had nothing to do with MRI risk, but it still raises concerns about the overall safety of IVC filter usage.

Manufacturers of IVC filters usually test filters at fields of up to 1.5 T, but some filters have also been tested at higher field levels, as much as 3 T. If you or your doctor think MRI scanning is likely in the future, you might want to select a modern IVC filter that has been tested at the higher levels, even if it is just a safety precaution.

IVC filters and MRIs are generally compatible, but it is still a good idea to select an "MR safe" filter. MRIs are typically safe for most people, but it doesn’t hurt to take as many precautions as you can.

IVC Filter Lawyers Los Angeles California

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