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Adverse Events Associated with IVC Filters
As with any surgical event, no matter how minor, there is risk of adverse events. This is true for the implantation of an inferior vena cava (IVC) filtration structure within patients. The IVC filter procedure is a preventative measure to protect patients against dangerous associated with thrombosis. Thrombosis is a condition where the natural systems within a patient do not provide the correct level of coagulation, and blood clots develop. This can happen for many reasons, including immobility of the patient, a separate surgery, pregnancy and childbirth, or genetic risk factors resulting in conditions such as pulmonary embolisms. The first measures doctors often choose target reducing the number and size of clots developing in the circulatory system. They do this through a combination of the following:

• Advising the use of compression garments
• Offering compression treatments
• Prescribing anticoagulant medications such as Coumadin and heparin
• Providing a detailed plan for dietary, exercise, and general health needs (These are aimed at doing such things reducing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure – contributing factors to thrombosis.)

When these steps are not successful, doctors may prescribe treatment through an IVC filter. While the measures mentioned previously all target the reduction in clots and their mass, the IVC filter has no bearing on these factors. It, instead, is a preventative step to protect the lungs against a pulmonary embolism should a clot pass through to the lungs. IVC filters may be prescribed in conjunction with any of the above treatments, on a patient-by-patient appropriate level.

The goal of the IVC filter is specific – to stop clots from migrating to the lungs. However, the adverse events associated with the IVC filters should be known to patients before they undergo the surgery. While these instances are rare, patients and doctors should clearly discuss them and take steps to minimize their instances and raise overall health awareness.

• Damage to the inferior vena cava – The design of the IVC filter includes small barbs at the ends of metal legs. These barbs are the anchors of the device. Rarely, a barb or leg can penetrate the vein wall.
• Fracture of the filter – In rare circumstances, a filter component breaks free. The broken piece may remain in the deployment area, or it can migrate. Migration of a fractured filter is very dangerous.
• Migration of a filter – If there is not a secure implantation of the IVC filter, there is a rare risk that the device will move from its intended location. From here it can reach such vital organs as the heart and lungs. This situation is potentially fatal.
• Thrombosis at the site of the filter. Occasionally the filter traps so many clots passing through the vein that it itself becomes the source of a blockage. Symptoms of this appear gradually, usually presenting as swelling in an affected leg.

Understanding of the potential adverse events is important. Patients should know the warning signs of the events so that they can report any emergency to their physician.

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