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Within the abdomen is the inferior vena cava (IVC), a large vein which transports blood from the lower extremities to the heart and lungs where it is refilled with oxygen and then pumped back out to the extremities again. An IVC filter is utilized to control thromboses from migrating from the lower limbs to the pulmonary system. There are two general types of IVC filters – those meant to be implanted permanently and those intended for retrieval. Retrieval of filters is usually indicated when:

• The associated risks of thromboses are significantly reduced.
• Anticoagulation medication can be administered at sufficient levels, where perhaps it was not possible before the procedure.
• The vascular specialist or cardiologist has determined that the benefits of the filter no longer exist at sufficient levels.

The procedure to remove the IVC filter is generally an outpatient procedure. Just as the initial procedure likely accessed a vein in the groin or neck, the retrieval process does the same. The tools used to remove the filter and the precise surgical approach depends upon how long the patient has had the filter in place (indicating levels of scar tissue in the area) or if the filter was initially intended to be permanent.

In situations where the filter needs a more intricate retrieval process, an endovascular sheath is inserted via a catheter. This sheath is capable of using a laser to delicately remove the scar tissue that develops around the legs of the IVC filter. Once the scar tissue is removed, the filter can then be retrieved through the catheter.

Tests associated with the retrieval of an IVC filter include:

• An ultrasound of the lower extremities to examine them for possible thromboses, and which would likely rule out the retrieval process.
• A CT of the patient’s abdomen to ascertain the current position of the IVC filter below the kidneys.
• An electrocardiogram to measure the patient’s hearth health.

Patients will have restrictions on diet to prepare them for the sedation. They also must arrange for transportation home that day after the procedure. The catheterization site will be cleaned, the area numbed, and the procedure completed. Afterwards pressure will be applied to the catheter site and only a small bandage will be needed. The day of the procedure patients should limit their physical activity and drink a sufficient amount of water. This helps to flush the contrast from the system.

There are associated risks with any IVC filter retrieval process. These include those associated with any surgical event, such as infection or significant bleeding. A perforation of the associated vein is also a rare possible complication.

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