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IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

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IVC Filter Side Effects


IVC Filter Placement Procedure
Placement of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters is usually done by vascular surgeons. These procedures are done with the goal of minimizing the risks of blood clots travelling within the body and causing pulmonary emboli and other related dangers for patients.
The inferior vena cava (IVC) is the largest vein within the human body and its function is to take blood from the lower portion of the body and return it to the heart and lungs. This blood needs to be returned to these organs so that it can be refueled with oxygen and sent back out to the body.

Design of the IVC filter: The design of the IVC filter resembles an ice cream cone, only smaller and made of narrow wires. The wires are to catch the clots before they pass on to the organs. Those clots that are caught should be able to break down naturally over time, and eventually also pass through the filter.

Placement of the IVC filter: During what is usually a same-day procedure, the IVC filter is placed in the IVC by dye-guided catheterization. The filter is released below the kidneys. The catheter is inserted through either the groin or neck. The site of insertion is numbed before the catheter is inserted. Most patients remain awake during this procedure, but might receive a medication to help him or her calm.

IVC filter patients: Most patients whose doctors recommend IVC filters are those who have deep vein thrombosis, have experienced a pulmonary embolism, or who already have large blood clots in the iliac veins or inferior vena cava. Some patients need IVC filters because they can’t take anticoagulants. Other patients are immobile much or all of the time and are at higher risk levels for experiencing blood clots.

Preparation for the IVC filter: Preparing to have an IVC filter inserted involves coordination with a healthcare team. Patients should receive unique instructions for how they can prepare for the surgery that will lead to the most positive results. The following are examples of things that patients can expect during their preparatory steps prior to the IVC procedure.

-Electrocardiogram (ECG)
-Complete health physical
-Panel of blood work
-Review of medications and any necessary modifications
-History of allergies to iodine (used in the contrast solution for the procedure)

The prep also includes instructions for what to eat or not eat and drink before the day of the surgery. Patients usually are awake during the catheterization and implantation. The insertion site is numbed.  Expectations during the filter procedure: During the procedure a medical team will clean the skin where the catheter is to be inserted. If the area is in the groin area, the surface may need to be shaved, but the medical team will assess this and do this if necessary. Then the site will be numbed (some patients will receive a medication to calm them before this happens). There will be contrast solution injected. Ultrasound or x-ray images will provide a picture of the IVC and allow the doctor the ability to see precisely where the filter is placed.

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