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What will happen during my IVC filter placement?
During your IVC filter placement your medical team will use a variety of tools in order to place the filter within your inferior vena cava. The purpose of the implant is to lower the risks you face from dangerous coagulation. Your inferior vena cava where the implant will go is in your abdomen, below your kidneys. The job of this large vein is to take blood that has travelled to your legs and pelvis area to deliver oxygen and filter it before it returns to your lungs. The filter is to stop large clots from joining this delivery of blood to the lungs.
To prepare you for your filter you will receive instructions about diet – both what to eat and drink in the days prior to the procedure and the type of diet you should follow after you have the implant. When you arrive for your filter placement, you will probably:

-Get an IV to provide medication and fluid
-Have the catheter point disinfected and shaved (if in the groin)
-Receive any necessary medications, such as those designed to protect your kidneys from the contrast solution
-Have your blood pressure monitored
-Be given a gown to wear
-Be asked to remove all jewelry and metal objects

When it is time for your actual filter placement you will undergo some form of imaging, such as an ultrasound with an iodine solution. This will help the technician make sure that the right spot within the inferior vena cava is found for the filter insertion.  Once the right location is found, your technician will implant the filter. The filter is made from narrow wires. It is supposed to subtly imbed into the walls of the vein. Here it will catch blood clots. After the filter is in the necessary position, your technician will remove the catheter. You will be sent to a recovery room or monitored where you are, depending upon the facility. Your recovery time should just be a day or so. You should make arrangements to have someone transport you home after the filter is in place.

You should have minimal or zero discomfort, as you won’t even need stitches from the site because the catheter is so small.
The filter should begin working immediately. The original design of the filters is that of a permanent type, but newer versions are said to be capable of easier removal. However, many patients who suffer from blood clots and who cannot use or do not react sufficiently to blood thinners, need the IVC filters long term.

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