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Introduction to IVC Filters
Indications for treatment with inferior vena cava filters include, but are not limited to, patients with deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a clinic history of venous thromboembolism (VTE), and either singular or multiple experiences with pulmonary embolus (PE). These patients are at elevated risks for serious injury and mortality. Hospitalization, with or without prior surgery, remains a leading factor contributing to patients with venous thromboembolism.

The leading treatment option for patients experiencing any of the aforementioned conditions is of pharmaceutical origin. Options usually considered for this include:

• Warfarin (i.e. Coumadin) – an inhibitor of vitamin K
• Injectable heparin (i.e. enoxaparin)
• Factor Xa inhibitors
• Dabigatran medications – sometimes used as an alternative to warfarin

Patients usually use these medications in conjunction with lower limb compression treatments. Not all patients tolerate these pharmaceutical treatments. Not all blood clots respond to these treatments. In these circumstances, vascular specialists sometimes recommend treatment with retrievable or permanent IVC filters.

While IVC filters do nothing to prevent deep vein thrombosis in patients, they are designed to prevent the significant medical repercussions from these DVT instances. The filters stop the passage of clots from reaching the pulmonary system. Because this is a minimally invasive procedure to place the filter, a range of patients are medically eligible for the preventative treatment choice.

If operating correctly, the narrow wires of the filter block clots as they near the renal system, and then over time the patient’s natural anticoagulating agents break down the clot until it can safely pass through the filter with the rest of the blood supply. In rare instances the filter breaks free of its deployment location and moves through the inferior vena cava. This is a life threatening condition, as the filter can damage the lungs and it no longer provides protection to the patient.

For those patients with retrievable filters, as soon as the immediate clot concern has passed the filter should be removed via a catheterization process. This is due to the fact that the longer the filter remains in place, the greater the opportunity for scar tissue to build up within the vein around the legs of the filter, making it more difficult and dangerous to remove the device.

If at any time patients experience numbing in the lower limbs, especially if accompanied by a change in skin color to blue, the physician must be contacted immediately. With or without edema in the limbs this could indicate thrombosis at the site of the filter or a significant DVT episode outside the point of contact with the filter.

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