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Life with an IVC Filter
IVC (inferior vena cava) filters are medical devices used to improve the quality of life of patients who have higher than normal chances of experiencing damaging blood clots. Some of these patients have serious histories of blockages, and others are immobile and at increased risks of forming them, especially repeatedly. Still other patients have conditions that increase their chances of developing blood clots in the legs, but they are not candidates for the standard medication options available.

The IVC filter works as a colander of sorts, grabbing large blood clots before they can continue their journeys to the heart or lungs. Deoxygenated blood can still pass through the inferior vena cava, as it should, and on to the heart and lungs where it is replenished. Large clots trapped by the filter often break down naturally over time, and eventually pass through the wire meshing.

No matter the reason why they are at increased risks for developing dangerous blood clots, patients who decide to go ahead and have an IVC filter put in place can expect a range of results.

If the device works as intended, the most significant result is that the patient has lower risks of developing life threatening blood clots that travel to the major organs. This has obvious health benefits. Sometimes, however, the device moves within the inferior vena cava to an undesirable location and a second surgery must happen to reposition it. Rarely do physicians opt to remove the device altogether, unless there are unforeseen complications.

Immediately after the procedure patients usually recover either for several hours at the medical facility or just for one overnight stay before going home to continue their recovery. Once at home they should watch for the following signs that warrant a call to their doctor right away:

- Signs of illness such as extreme fatigue, fever and general feeling of unwell
- Swelling and pain at the site where the surgeon inserted the catheter, which could signal an infection
- Numbing, tingling, a feeling of cold, or a change in skin color to blue in any of the limbs
- Chest pain, regardless of difficulty breathing
- Bleeding from the surgical site.

Once the initial recovery is over and the risks of these occurrences dramatically drops, patients should follow their doctors’ instruction for a complete and positive recovery. Some of the steps in this process include:

- Eating a healthy diet
- Maintaining a medication schedule as prescribed
- Cessation of smoking
- Following a prescribed exercise plan
- Attending follow-up appointments
- Reporting any unusual signs or symptoms, such as those noted above, immediately to a doctor

Life after an IVC filter operation should involve a reduction in risk and an improvement in overall health for most patients.

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