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IVC Filter FAQs
The medical decision to use an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter is one that should involve a comprehensive assessment of the unique needs of each patient. As part of this process, the following discussion of FAQs can help patients discern whether or not the procedure and filter placement are the best preventative treatment options.

Where and what is the inferior vena cava? The inferior vena cava runs from the mid-region of the body to the heart and lungs, taking blood that has delivered oxygen to the legs and pelvis and sending it back to the lungs. It is one of the largest veins in a patient’s body and plays a central role in healthy circulation.

What exactly is an IVC filter? An IVC filter is shaped like a rounded “V”, is made of metal such as titanium, and has various branches that come from the vertex.

How does the filter work in patients? The device filters the blood of the patient from a fixed location in the inferior vena cava. The object is to collect the blood clots which may be circulating from the lower limbs.

What are blood clots? Blood clots are collections of blood cells which have bonded together – coagulated – into a mass of sorts. While healthy blood does have coagulating properties, and it uses this to repair damage, too much coagulating action causes the clots.

Why do patients form clots? Clots can form for a variety of reasons in various patient populations. In some it is the result of unhealthy coagulation factors, sometimes the result of medication interference. Patients who are hospitalized for surgery, childbirth, or recovery from injury are also at risk of clot formation. The less a patient moves, the more risk he or she faces of clot development.

Who is an IVC filter candidate? Patients who are filter candidates are often those who have attempted to take blood thinning medications, but who did not respond well to the treatment. Some patients are unable to take blood thinners because of other underlying health conditions. Other populations include those who are on bed rest, or who have serious health histories of conditions such as pulmonary embolism.

What happens during the IVC filter procedure? During the procedure patients are lightly sedated. Some patients receive full sedation. The catheter site is cleaned and numbed. The patient receives a contrast dye solution, which may cause a funny taste in the mouth. The catheter is inserted and ultrasound or other technology helps to guide the filter to the inferior vena cava. The filter is deployed and the catheter is removed.

What should patients expect during recovery? Recovery is short and usually uneventful. Immediately after the catheter is removed, direct pressure is applied to control bleeding, but after that only a small bandage or skin glue is required. Unless otherwise informed, patients can plan to return to normal schedules within one to three days post-procedure.

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