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I have thrombosis – Is an IVC filter for me?
You have thrombosis, which means you also have questions about the best treatments. Your decisions will need to be made based upon advice from your doctors and an assessment of what is causing your blood clots, what types of symptoms you are having, and what types of treatments you can best tolerate.

Why do I have thrombosis?
Thrombosis occurs for different reasons. You might have it because you are genetically predisposed to the problem. Perhaps you are struggling with diabetes, your weight, blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or an illness or injury that has left you somewhat immobile.

Symptoms of your thrombosis depend upon where they are located in your body, how many you have, and how thick (or thin) your blood is in terms of clotting factors. If your blockage is large enough and close enough to a major organ, your symptoms will be more dramatic. Sometimes symptoms begin gradually, and other times patients report being “hit” with the symptoms out of the blue. Maybe you are already experiencing:

A deep vein thrombosis in your leg can cause swelling in that leg as blood supply is prohibited from continuing its journey to you heart.

You might have redness or pain, more significantly so the closer you go to the location of the thrombosis.

If you experience any chest pain or difficult breathing, this is the sign of a medical emergency. Call 911 immediately. This could indicate that your clot has broken free and has made its way to your lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism.

Will an IVC filter work for me?
The answer to this question depends on the your medical history, and cannot be predicted with 100% medical certainty. An IVC filter might provide you the kind of protection you need from the embolization of clots if:

You have tried blood thinning pharmaceuticals with little to no results. Heparin and Coumadin are common medications doctors first try.

You are not a candidate for blood thinning pharmaceuticals because they could interfere with other medications that are necessary for your health or because of any underlying health condition that precludes them from being an option.

You are a strong history of recurring blood clots, especially in your lower extremities.
If you decide to have the procedure to place an IVC filter in your inferior vena cava below your kidneys, you will arrange this operation most likely with a vascular surgeon. The event is often a same-day surgery and requires light sedation. Most of the time the procedure is completed in just an hour or so and you can return to your normal routines within a couple of days.

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