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How is an IVC filter inserted?
The procedure to insert an IVC filter is usually a day-patient appointment. A vascular surgeon or radiologist (or combination thereof) typically works with a patient to plan and execute the insertion of the device.

Before the medical team prepares to insert the device, the patient must first prepare him or herself for the procedure. This includes following through with a host of medical preparation, such as a physical, pre-test blood work, an electrocardiogram, and following a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Once the patient arrives at the healthcare facility a nurse or technologist will prep with an intravenous portal. This allows fluids and needed medications. Medications might include those designed to protect the kidneys from the iodine solution used with the imaging.
This is an endovascular procedure, which means the healthcare team will then prep a vein location. This is usually the neck (jugular) or the groin. The area is disinfected. Then the area is numbed. Some patients will receive light sedation or a medication to relax him or her. Most patients will not need to be fully sedated for the IVC filter insertion.

A thin guide wire will then be used in conjunction with a catheter to send the IVC filter to the appropriate location. The IVC – inferior vena cava – is one of the largest veins in the body. The filter is supposed to be positioned within the IVC in the abdomen, slightly lower than the kidneys. Using the contrast and imaging, the healthcare provider deploys the filter.

After this, the guide wire and catheter are removed. Since the catheter is so fine, its opening does not usually require stitches – just a butterfly bandage with gauze. Throughout the procedure a medical team will monitor the health stats of the patient, including blood pressure and oxygen levels. Following the completion of the insertion, the patient will spend a short amount of time in recovery (which is sometimes just in the same procedure room).

An IVC filter patient should plan to have someone else drive him or her home after the placement. The patient should be able to return to normal activities soon – within just a day or two. The healthcare team will provide a list of instructions and symptoms to be watchful of following the appointment.

After the surgery the patient should not smoke, eat a health and balanced diet, and follow an exercise plan developed by his or her doctor. There will likely be future appointments where the effectiveness of the filter will be measured. The patient needs to report any usual symptoms to his or her healthcare team. This includes pain, numbness, shortness of breath, or sign of illness or infection.

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