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Should I use medication or an IVC filter to treat my blood clot risks?
If you have been diagnosed with a venous blood clot condition, you are probably asking your doctor what course of treatment is best for you. Your blood flows in a continuous pattern, with the heart pumping blood to all regions of your body. Once the blood has delivered its precious cargo of oxygen and other elements, it return to the heart and the process continues.

Sometimes due to inactivity, the blood circulation slows enough to affect the clotting. Clotting is usually considered a healthy process that your body has to naturally repair damaged vessels. But if you are confined to bed, or have a condition that adversely affects this natural clotting process, you may be suffering from blood clot formation, also known as a thrombus, or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) such as when it occurs in the extremities.
If you have thrombi, the result is either that the clot continues to grow, it dissolves on its own, it dissolves with medication, it embolizes (moves), or your body adapts and builds new channels of vessels through and around the clot.

Your doctor will likely want to begin with a conservative approach of medication. The following are examples of the ranges of medications available to you:

• Warfarin (commonly known as Coumadin) – This is a blood thinner that prevents clotting factors from working well. You will have to routinely have your blood tested, as this type of medication can fluctuate dramatically within your system, depending on things such as other medications and even the foods you eat. You will also be more prone to dangerous bleeding.

• Heparin – This is a medication administered by injection or through an IV. It is routinely used to treat DVT, pulmonary embolus, and heart attack patients.

If you have tried these medications but have not had the kinds of results needed to keep you safe from the kinds of complications associated with thrombosis, your doctor might have suggested an inferior vena cava filter – or IVC filter. Or perhaps you are unable to use these medications because of another health condition or incompatible medication. The IVC filter offers a method of protecting the heart and lungs from the embolization of clots.
To have a filter placed, you will arrange for the typically same-day surgery. The site of the insertion for the catheter will be in your neck or groin, and you may not even be fully anesthetized. After the site is sterilized and numbed, the catheter will be inserted and the filter will be guided through that with the use of x-rays and contrast solution. Then your doctor will open the filter. This is where it should remain to prevent clots from passing through your system.

This procedure is not without risks, and some of those include: allergic reaction to the contrast, allergic reaction to the anesthesia, infection, a faulty filter that break after insertion, a filter that inadvertently moves and poses a serious health risk.

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