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Treating Blood Clot Dangers with IVC Filters
Within the circulatory system, health blood cells are routinely gathering to repair damaged vessels, whether that is internally or simply as the result of an injury such as a cut finger. In some patients, the ability of the blood cells to gather is on overdrive. The cells build up at such a rate that healthy blood flow is interrupted. Symptoms of the clots depend upon where they occur, in the arteries or veins, and how large they are. These symptoms include signs such as:

• Edema (swelling in the legs is commonly reported when a clot is restricting blood flow)
• Pain with or without edema
• Warmth and redness at the site, often located around the joints of the limbs
• A difference in ease of mobility (a result of edema, pain, etc.)
• Pain in the chest when the clot has migrated (pulmonary embolism)
• Difficulty breathing when the clot has migrated (pulmonary embolism)
• TIA (transient ischemia attack)
• Signs and symptoms typical of stroke, including facial paralysis, loss of speech, etc.
• Heart attack

There are several risk factors patients have which make them more susceptible to developing blood clots in either the arteries or veins.

• Hypertension
• History of diabetes
• Obesity
• History of tobacco use
• Genetic predisposition
• High cholesterol
• Recovery from surgery
• Immobility
• Medication use (such as birth control)

Initial treatment options for patients with these risk factors include steps to minimize the risks. These include such things as quitting smoking, utilizing another form of birth control, increasing physical activity, and taking steps to control hypertension and cholesterol levels.
After these initial steps are taken, or if they cannot be taken, patients are often treated with a combination of anticoagulants and compression therapy. Some patients do not respond well to these treatments. A more significant treatment option, the inferior vena cava (IVC) filter, can be the course for these patients.

A minor procedure is done via a catheter to insert a wire mesh filter within the walls of the inferior vena cava, just below the patient’s kidneys. Here the filter acts as a stopping point for free floating blood clots before they can move on to the lungs and cause serious complications.

The filter can either be of a retrievable design or one intended to remain in the patient permanently. The risk factors are unique for each patients and will help determine which filter design is most appropriate. The filters do carry risks of varying degrees, including but not limited to:

• Infection at the site of surgery
• A poor/dangerous reaction to contrast dye used during the procedure
• A poor/dangerous reaction to anesthesia
• A fracture of the filter after deployment
• Heavy clot collection at the filter site, restricting blood flow
• Migration of the filter to the major organs, a potentially fatal event

These types of complications need to be compared to the types and severity of complications of leaving the clot condition under treated.

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