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IVC FIlter Side Effects


IVC Filters: Associated Risks
The inferior vena cava, responsible for taking blood that has been depleted of oxygen and moving to the lungs where it can be replenished, is one of the largest veins in the human body. When patients have blood clots in the legs or pelvis, they can cause symptoms such as pain and numbness. If these clots break free, they can move on to the inferior vena cava and travel to the lungs. Here they can cause a pulmonary embolus, causing difficulty breathing, a painful chest, or serious consequences, including fatality. Vascular specialists sometimes recommend the placement of an IVC filter within the inferior vena cava to collect the moving clots. These filters can lower the chances that clots will move to the major organs of the heart and lungs, but they do carry a variety of risks, however rare they might be.

What are these risks? The risks include those that are present before the patient even walks through the doorway, all the way through those that are almost unpreventable. The key is taking every precaution to make all types of risks as least likely to occur as possible.

• Most of the time technologist need to administer a solution that contains iodine. This is used with ultrasounds or x-rays to monitor where the guide wire is travelling during the procedure. Some patients are allergic to this substance used. It is important that physicians ask about any previous episodes where iodine caused a poor reaction. Patients can receive a counter measure to enable the procedure to still happen.

• The procedure and medications used can be stressful to the kidneys. Medication can be given before the procedure to reduce the chances of kidney damage.

• Poor reactions to anesthesia occur in many medical settings. If patients have a history of bad reactions to sedation, a lighter medication may be a better option. Not all patients need to be fully sedated for the placement of the filter.

• The patients’ blood pressure will be checked before the placement and all through the procedure. If there are significant concerns about the blood pressure before the surgery, protective measures can be taken.

• As with any surgical procedure, there are risks of infection and the unpredictable to happen. Many clinics and hospitals will review these risks with patients. This review likely includes consent forms for emergency procedures such as bypass if it becomes necessary.

• There is no guarantee that after the filter is deployed that it will stay in place, even though standard IVC filters are intended to remain in place for life. If the filter moves to the heart or lungs the effects can be life-threatening.

If an optionally retrievable filter is used, the removal process includes its own set of risks. These should be carefully evaluated and patients should make sure to keep their removal appointment. Leaving them in too long can make it too difficult to remove.

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