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The IVC Filter Explained
Vascular surgeons are often those charged with IVC filter placement. These filters are used to help reduce the chances of pulmonary emboli and the dangers it poses to the lives of patients.

The IVC Filter
The IVC is the inferior vena cava. This is the largest vein in the human body, and its job it to take blood from the lower extremities that has been depleted of oxygen and send it back to the heart and lungs. Once here it is replenished with oxygen.  The IVC filter looks like a wire mesh cone. The wire is a very thin gauge, but large enough so that blood clots stop at this point, but allow the blood to reach its destination. The effects of anticoagulants naturally occurring in the body can help to break down these clots over a period of time. The device is placed below the kidneys in typically an outpatient procedure. In patients who do not have this device, the blood clots can move on and block the pulmonary artery. Blockage here is known as a pulmonary embolism. Signs of this happening range from shortness of breath to chest pain to numbness to death.

Typical IVC Filter Patients
Patients who typically are candidates for IVC filters are those who have a history of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary emboli, and significant clots in the IVC or iliac veins. Sometimes patients are also candidates if they cannot use anticoagulant medications.

Preparing for the IVC Filter
Medical teams will provide specific instructions to patients about how to best to prepare for the procedure. However, patients can expect such things as doing routine bloodwork, having a physical, having and ECG, and reviewing the possible complications that can arise and require other procedures. Patients will also be given directions for eating and drinking before they arrive, exercise and diets for after the surgery, and warning signs during their recoveries.

• The IVC filter placement usually uses a contrast dye with guidance by x-ray or ultrasound. Patients should report any prior complications with contrast dye.
• Patients will usually need someone available to drive them home afterward.

During the IVC Filter Procedure
During the IVC filter procedure the medical team will numb the site of catheterization, but most patients will not be anesthetized (although they might receive something to help relax them). The two choices sites for insertion of the catheter are the groin and neck. The area chosen will be cleaned and shaved if needed.

A contrast dye will be injected. The medical team will guide the filter through the catheter to the location in the inferior vena cava, usually just below the kidney. The filter will be released. The catheter will be removed, and the patient sent to recovery. After recovery and monitoring for signs of complications, the patient is usually able to go home later that day.

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