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Which Should I Choose: Anticoagulant Therapy or IVC Filter?
The answer to this question ultimately needs to be determined by you and your doctor, possibly with consultation from another doctor you visit for a second opinion. It is a personal choice and what is right for one person might not be the best choice for someone else. The important thing is to understand the risks associated with both treatments, and to take into account your medical condition and the benefits each treatment offers.

Anticoagulants are oral medication that prevent blood clots from forming. They are sometimes called blood thinners, though they do not actually thin the blood. Anticoagulants prevent new clot and prevent existing clots from increasing in size, but they do not dissolve any clots that are already formed in the body.

Anticoagulant therapy is considered relatively safe, but there are a few risks. Some anticoagulant medications do not have antidotes, so if a bleeding event were to occur there is no medication available to stop it. Other anticoagulants require constant monitoring and dosage adjustments, and require dietary changes. Without this supportive care patients can experience a number of frustrating complications that include bruising and bleeding.

IVC Filters
IVC filters are intended to block blood clots from causing any damage in the body. The filters cannot prevent clots from occurring, but they capture existing clots and keep them in a safe location until they dissolve. Sometimes IVC filters are used in conjunction with anticoagulants. This way if the anticoagulant fails there is an extra layer of protection against pulmonary embolism.

Unfortunately, IVC filters come with a variety of risks. Many patients suffer problems during the placement procedure. Some are standard surgical risks, such as a bad reaction to anesthetic, but in other cases, the procedure or the filter itself causes an injury.
There can also be complications once the filter is in place. Infection is possible, both in the immediate aftermath of the placement procedure and at any time. IVC filters can fracture and the broken parts can move elsewhere in the body, lodging in unintended soft tissue locations. There is also risk for puncture from the fragments.

It is also possible for the entire device to migrate and damage soft tissue and organs. Once the device fails, it no longer protects against pulmonary embolism, so patients are faced with the original risks, as well as a host of new problems.  If you are trying to determine whether to choose an IVC filter or try anticoagulant therapy, makes sure you gather research and speak candidly with your doctor.

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