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IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

IVC FIlter Side Effects


12 Questions to Ask Your Doctor about an Inferior Vena Cava Filter

1. What is the intention of an inferior vena cava filter?
a. The intention of the inferior vena cava (IVC) filter is to stop embolization of clots from reaching your lungs or causing serious damage elsewhere in your body. An IVC filter is made of strong, but extraordinarily narrow, metal. It has spindles (the filtrating parts), which extend out to the interior walls of the vein.

2. Isn’t coagulation good for my body?
a. Yes. Your body needs natural coagulation, and it is healthy. It is what helps your body respond to injuries. However, sometimes coagulation happens at high rates that cause too much clotting. This causes blood clots, also known as thrombosis.

3. Why do you think I need an inferior vena cava filter?
a. There are many reasons why patients need IVC filters. Some of the most common of these reasons include an inability to safely use anticoagulants like warfarin (Coumadin), and previous events of pulmonary embolism (PE). If you have to remain in bed or immobile for a long period of time, you are also at a higher risk of thrombosis, especially in your legs.

4. What happens if a clot reaches my lungs?
a. When a clot reaches the lungs (pulmonary embolism), you might have different symptoms. Chest pain and labored breathing are two common symptoms. Depending on the size of the emboli or location, these symptoms might lead all the way to a significant inability to breathe, and even death.

5. How will you place the inferior vena cava filter?
a. A minor surgery is needed to place the filter. A vascular surgeon will use a catheter to send the filter to the IVC and open it. The process takes about an hour.
6. What are the complications I should know about?
a. Infection, bleeding, severe bruising, and damage to the vein are all complications. Rare complications also include fracture of the filter or migration of the filter.

7. What do I need to know about recovery?
a. In most cases recovery lasts just a couple of days. It involves no lifting during the first days, but generally no other major restrictions.

8. Can the filter be removed?
a. Yes. Some filters are designed to be removed.

9. How do you remove the filter?
a. The surgeon can remove the filter in a process similar to the first surgery. Sometimes the surgeon needs to use a laser to remove scar tissue that grows to hold the filter in place.

10. What risks are there during the filter retrieval procedure?
a. The retrieval risks are similar to the original procedure risks. There is increased risk of bleeding and damage to the vein upon removal, especially if the filter has been in place long-term.

11. How can I improve my chances of not developing clots?
a. Work with your healthcare provider to develop a plan for healthy living. This includes no smoking, lowering your cholesterol, lowering your blood pressure, and following a plan for diet and exercise.

12. What other options do I have?
a. Medication is usually your first choice. There are minimal options beyond medication, health changes, and filtration to lower your complication rates from blood pressure.

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