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If you or a loved one suffered complications from an IVC filter that moved or fractured, call us today for a free no obligation consultation.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our contact form and a Columbia IVC Filter Lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours.  The FDA has warned of ivc filter complications and side effects.  Some filters may move or fracture and cause serious injuries including heart damage, lung damage, internal bleeding, and even death.  If you have suffered ivc filter complications call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 to get the facts.  There are no legal fees unless you receive compensation.  Certain time limits may bar your ability to bring a claim, so you must act quickly.  Call now.

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My Medical Professional Proposed an IVC Filter - So What Now?

Whenever health care provider suggests a medical technique or surgical treatment with which you are unfamiliar, it is normally scary. Even though you may know something about the treatment, it would likely still be difficult to understand you will need to have treatment. The installation of an IVC filter is no exception. Luckily, the surgery to place an IVC filter is relatively basic and usually requires only a short time. However, you must gather all the information you can prior to deciding whether a filter is correct for you.

Questions on IVC Filters

You almost certainly have a few concerns if your physician advises an IVC filter. You needn't be scared to ask all of them before saying yes to the procedure. A medical expert needs to be able and willing to answer them, and supply more info . and a suggestion for a second opinion if that would help.

It is also crucial for you to do your own homework outside of what your doctor tells you regarding IVC filters. There is a considerable amount of information on the market that may possibly have you feeling not comfortable. That’s OK. Share your considerations with your doctor and see why, even with the risks, he or she still feels a filter is suitable for your circumstances. For some, the risks of IVC filter placement far outweigh the blood clotting chances they face without a filter.

After you are somewhat at ease with the very idea of using an IVC filter and you have entirely committed to the procedure, you need to discover more about aftercare. Being aware what to expect subsequent to the procedure is just as, or maybe more important as understanding what to anticipate during placement.

Aftercare with your IVC Filter

The aftercare for IVC filter placement procedures is incredibly simple, yet it's still significant you observe it strongly. A medical expert will offer a set of instructions regarding what you can and cannot do shortly after placement, together with how long you will end up on these limitations. A large number of patients have the ability to get back to their normal lives within a few days.

Presently there are also a few things you have to be on the lookout for in the days and weeks after the placement procedure. This includes pain, a spiking fever, blood loss, vomiting, or anything else that seems uncommon. The faster you seek treatment for any of these elements the better.

Lastly, ensure that your healthcare professional reviews together with you what you must keep in mind in the foreseeable future. IVC filters are safe for some, but there is a chance for side effects. Figuring out when a symptom is severe ensures your filter does less injury than good.

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