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Risks and Complications of an IVC Filter
Understanding the risks and complications associated with preventative treatment with inferior vena cava filter placements have the potential to reduce these instances and negative outcomes. Even with proper pre-surgical steps, not all complications are identifiable as those associated directly with surgeon decision and practice. Examples of these complications beyond the scope of direct care by the placement vascular surgeon include prior health conditions that contribute to poor outcomes, such as undetected vein abnormalities or an extreme amount of clot volume trapped within the filter, leading to damage and possible IVC thrombosis.

The possibility exists that patients might experience complications related to the procedure itself. There are risks associate with the groin or neck catheter access site. These risks are typically minimal. They include:

- Bleeding at the insertion point
- The development of a hematoma
- An arterial puncture during the placement

The vascular surgical team can help to minimize complications by avoiding selection of veins with preexisting clots whenever possible.

Malposition of the inferior vena cava filter is a possible complication. There are steps, however, that can help to mitigate this complication. The placement of the filter should be done with the best opportunity for the filter to be placed with precision near the renal veins to allow for the greatest amount of blood flow so that in the event of high clot collection. Malposition complications can also be mitigated with proper contrast guided imaging with either an ultrasound or x-ray. Poor position of a filter typically requires a retrieval and placement of a new filter.

Occasionally the filter is placed in the correct position but it is of faulty structure or fails to properly deploy at the site. If the wire of the filter – the legs – do not open, some vascular surgeons attempt to manipulate the filter in order to improve the structure and get it to a point of effectiveness. In other situations, a secondary IVC filter needs to be inserted into the patient.

Complications that can occur after the patient has left the facility include a migration or a fracturing of the IVC filter. In the instance of migration, the filter does not remain in position and as it moves through the vascular system poses risks, especially if it reaches organs and/or allows large clots to pass through the device. If the filter fractures and a portion of it moves on through the vascular, similar dangerous complications are possible, including death.

An inferior vena cava filter is designed to catch clots before they have the possibility of moving to the lungs and causing a pulmonary embolism. However, if an overload of clotting rests in the filter, the patient faces the complication of thrombosis at the site. This often causes edema in the legs as the first noticeable symptom of the condition.

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