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IVC Filter and Blood Clot Management
The flow of blood throughout the body is a continuous cycle. The heart pumps it to the rest of the body, and then a serious of contractions natural phenomenon brings that blood back to the heart and lungs where it is refilled with necessary oxygen. If something interrupts this process, clots may form which have serious health consequences. A blood clot, or thrombus, can remain in the original location of formation, or it can travel to a secondary location. If a clot does migrate it is known as an embolus, and one of the most prevalent conditions is known as a pulmonary embolus, where the clots moves to the lungs.

When emboli do develop in the body they can continue to grow, dissolve - either naturally or with the aid of pharmaceuticals, migrate, or go through a process where the blood vessels surrounding the clot form new avenues for blood circulation to compensate for the restriction.

While blood is designed to have a clotting factor which aids in healing, sometimes this clotting factor is elevated. This elevation in the clotting ability is what leads to dangerous blood clots. There are several reasons why patients experience this, including immobility, illness, genetic factors, and more.

A condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), occurs when a clot develops in the veins of the limbs or the pelvic region. Typical causes of DVT include pregnancy, periods of immobility such as when recovering from surgery (especially on the legs or hips), and hormone therapy.

These clots within the veins are the target of inferior vena cava filter treatment. Clots within the veins of the legs have the potential of moving to the lungs and interrupting the pulmonary process, healthy blood flow, and a safe return of oxygenated blood to the extremities. The filter is placed through a catheter within the inferior vena cava, one of the largest veins in the body and the one directly involved with circulating oxygen-depleted blood past the renal system and on to the pulmonary system.

Physicians often recommend this filtration device when other measures to lower blood clot migration risks are not effective. Prior treatments usually include anticoagulants such as heparin and compression stockings.

Some IVC filters are permanent and intended to act as a filtration protective measure for the duration of the patient’s life. Other filters are called retrievable. These are for short durations, perhaps in the case of a knee reconstruction surgery where the patient is temporarily immobile and at increased risk of DVT and the associated pulmonary embolism.

Blood clot management requires a comprehensive and thorough approach to provide the highest level of health protection for affected patients.

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