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Inferior Vena Cava Filters: What to expect from the procedure
The procedure used to place an inferior vena cava filter is usually an outpatient event where the patient does not need to be fully anesthetized. Standard IVC filters are intended to be permanent solutions for catching blood clots coming from the lower part of the body before they can reach the lungs. Other filters, known as optionally retrievable filters, carry more possibilities for removal at some juncture in the future.

Blood clots that originate deep within the legs, a situation called deep vein thrombosis, threaten the lungs if they break apart and large pieces move all of the way from their origin to the organ. IVC filters are grab these large clots and stop them from continuing their movement. Once the clots are caught by the filters, the remain there until the body’s natural anticoagulants or medicinal anticoagulants can break them down into smaller, safer pieces that then flow in the blood stream.

The procedure to implant the IVC filter requires steps for preparation, including those such as ECG tests to test current heart health, a panel of bloodwork to test the body’s current coagulation rates, and kidney function tests. The contrast that is used as part of the procedure can be stressful on the kidneys, so especially those patients with histories of allergies to iodine should be wary. Medication can sometimes be given to protect the kidneys against the dye agent.

Patients usually only need to remain in the hospital for one or two days. The site where the catheter is inserted is small and shouldn’t leave any significant pain (it is numbed before the procedure). Patients should plan to leave their jewelry at home as it may interfere with the associated x-ray technology often needed during the procedure to help place the filter in the correct location.

The actual catheter used is typically only about 0.12 inches in diameter, which allows the physician or technician to guide the very fine filter into place. The insertion point is so fine that no stitches are usually needed, just as a blood draw does not require stitches. Patients may also have an IV inserted into their hands or arms to provide fluid and any necessary medications. In most cases patients will remain on their backs during the procedure, and a light sedation might be administered to help relax the patients. Once the filter is in place and it is opened, the catheter will be removed. All of this takes about an hour.

A follow-up appointment will likely include blood work, blood pressure checks, and possibly an imaging of the filter site with ultrasound. Patients should also discuss potential warning signs with their doctors in the event that the filter moves or the patient experiences a complication.

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