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Before and After My IVC Filter
Before you undergo the placement of an IVC filter, there are several things you should learn more about in order to have the most beneficial outcome possible. Once your filter is in place, there are things you should know and practice in order to continue down the healthiest path for you.

Before the procedure, learn as much as possible about what your doctor expects from the filter and how you can prepare for the placement. IVC filters are for patients who have had blood clots that either don’t respond well to typical medicine or patients who have high recurrences of the blockages.

The inferior vena cava (IVC) is one of the largest veins in your body and is located in the abdominal area. It takes blood from the lower parts of your body that has been depleted of oxygen and sends it back to your heart and lungs. As you probably know, a blockage that moves, for instance, from your legs can be serious and pose many health threats to you.
Your doctor will give you requirements for pre-procedure tests and specific instructions for the days prior to the filter placement.

• You might need to have an electrocardiogram before the procedure to assess your overall heart health.
• Your doctor will likely order a blood panel, blood pressure measurements, and a general health history.
• You need to make certain that you tell your doctor if you have ever experienced a poor reaction to dye with iodine.
• If you have prescription medication you need to get a plan for which ones to continue and which ones to modify. This is especially important for those medications that are affected by your eating and drinking schedule, as the day and night before the procedure you will have some restrictions.

Once you arrive for your appointment the site where the catheter will be inserted will be sterilized, and perhaps shaved, depending on the specific location. Usually either the neck is used for the jugular or the groin used for a large vein. You shouldn’t need any stitches once the catheter is removed because it is so narrow.

During the procedure you’ll probably lie down on your back, and you may receive something to help relax you, but you probably won’t be fully anesthetized. Your doctor or radiologist will use a contrast dye or another method of tracking the catheter. Your doctor will release the filter in an area in the inferior vena cava just below your kidneys.
After your IVF filter is in place you will have a short recovery, and in fact be back to your typical activities within just a couple of days. Your doctor will arrange for a follow-up visit, where further testing and assessment might be done to make sure the filter is working and is still in the correct position. Be sure to let your doctor know if you experience any unusual side effects, including bleeding or swelling at the place where the catheter was inserted, or signs of an infection such as a fever.

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