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Should I Be Concerned about the Brand of My IVC Filter?
There are several companies, many of them known very well and with world renowned reputations that are designers of IVC filters. Many of these companies have created products that are trustworthy and effective, and many patients are using these devices today to protect against the complications associated with deep vein blood clots.
Unfortunately, there are also instances in which these well-known companies have designed IVC products that are less than trustworthy. Some have quality products on the market, as well as products that have been questioned by the medical community and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The issue is not a matter of whether you should be concerned which brand IVC filter you have, but which specific type of filter from a given brand you have.

Types of IVC Filters
There are two general categories of IVC filters: temporary and permanent. Permanent filters are just that – they are intended to be implanted into patients who have a chronic risk for pulmonary embolism and expect to have it for many years to come – likely their entire life.

Temporary filters are retrievable. They are the most recent category of IVC filter and they were designed with short-term risk in mind. It is possible for a person to have just a temporary risk for blood clots and pulmonary embolism because of a specific condition or procedure. These filters can be useful in these circumstance when anticoagulation medication is not effective or appropriate, or just does not offer enough protection.

Problems with Retrievable IVC Filters
Unfortunately, it is the retrievable filters, the majority of which are manufactured by C.R. Bard, that have come under scrutiny. Evidence shows that nearly half of all users of these filters have experienced some kind of complication, and in many cases those complications were life-threatening.

The design and construction of the retrievable filters is different than their permanent counterparts, and in some cases, filter components have broken off. When this occurs, the fractured pieces can puncture the vena cava, or travel to another location of the body and create problems.

There are also instances in which the filter did not adhere properly within the vena cava and the entire device migrated elsewhere. Again, this can be very dangerous, and cause puncture or perforation to tissue in the body. Not to mention when the device is not in place the patient faces just as great a risk for pulmonary embolism as he or she would if no device were in use.

If you are concerned about your brand of IVC filter, speak to your doctor about signs and symptoms that could indicate a problem.

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