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Who Should Get an IVC Filter?
An IVC (inferior vena cava) filter does not prevent patients from accumulating blood clots. It does, however, help to reduce the instances of these clots moving through the venous system and entering the pulmonary or cardiac systems. There are several populations groups which may benefit from this type of prevention.

The following list is not comprehensive, but does provide a scope of the characteristics of patients who have physicians recommending and using IVC filters.

• Patients who are immobilized – The inability to freely and regularly move the limbs, especially the lower extremities, dramatically increases the likelihood that clots will form.

• Women who are pregnant – The circulatory system of a female during pregnancy is affected by many things, including pressure on veins, hormone changes, and occasionally reduction in mobility.

• People with a history of DVT – DVT, also called deep vein thrombosis, is a general describer of the forming of clots deep within the veins, usually the legs. The veins of the legs are in direct route to the inferior vena cava, and from there, the lungs.

• People using hormone therapy – Hormone therapy impacts the clotting ability of the person’s blood, making it more likely that they will develop clots. This type of therapy includes oral contraceptives.

• Patients who have experienced physical trauma – Injuries like those experienced in a vehicle accident, for example, contribute to risk factors for developing blood clots. This arises as a combination of medications administered, immobility, and injury location and type.

• Individuals with poor health – Contributing characteristics include those with uncontrolled hypertension and cholesterol, obesity, and conditions such as diabetes.

• Individuals who are genetically predisposed ¬– For some individuals, a genetic predisposition puts them at a greater risk of developing blood clots, and in some instances, of not being able to respond well to anticoagulant medications.

• Patients with health issues of the pelvis – Just before the blood within the veins of the legs moves into the inferior vena cava, it passes into the pelvic region. If there is structural damage or other illness related to this region, such as a malignancy of gynecological base, there is an increase in risk of blood clots forming here and passing through the IVC.

• Patients with a history of pulmonary embolisms – Pulmonary embolisms, or PE, are at continued risk of developing more clots which will migrate eventually to the lungs.

• Patients who are ineligible to use anticoagulants – Anticoagulants provide some relief and healthier circulation in patients who can tolerate the pharmaceuticals. However, not all patients tolerate drugs such as Coumadin, and need another option like the IVC filter.

Any time a physician recommends the use of an inferior vena cava filter to lower patient risks associated with thrombosis of the legs and pelvis, typical patient characteristics and outcomes in those instances should be considered.

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