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Blood Clot Risk Management via IVC Filters
Risk management is a common healthcare practice. In terms of blood clot risk management, it usually begins with assessment, conditional treatments, pharmaceutical treatments, and compression treatments. When these measures prove ineffective or are not possible in the first place, inferior vena cava (IVC) filter treatment remains an option sought by some vascular surgeons and their patients.

Healthy blood has the ability to clot. This is a natural defense and healing ability. Consider when a person has an injury, such as a cut on the hand or a deep bruise on the leg. Natural clotting factors exist to curtail the severity of bleeding, either externally or internally. Unfortunately, in some patients this clotting ability works too well, or underlying and contributing health factors cause imbalance to the clotting.

DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis
Instances of DVT occur when blood clots form in the extremities. This is most likely in patients who are on bed rest, are pregnant or have just gone through childbirth, or have genetic components that make them prone to over-active clotting factors. Patients who are obese, suffer from diabetes, smoke, or use oral contraceptives are also at increased risks of developing deep vein thrombosis.

When blood clots move, or embolize, the carry with them risks of further complications. These complications include stroke, heart attack, and TIA events. If the clot arrives via the inferior vena cava, the most common result is a pulmonary embolism, where the clot negatively affects the pulmonary venous system.

One option for managing the risks of blood clots is the insertion of a filtration structure in the inferior vena cava, the vein responsible for transporting blood that has delivered oxygen to the legs back to the lungs. Patients who choose this preventative measures can expect:

• An ECG prior to the procedure
• Blood tests, blood pressure measurements, and overall health assessments prior to the surgery
• A same-day procedure (although patients with more delicate health or who experience complications may need to stay overnight)
• Just light to moderate sedation
• No stitches – the insertion point is a narrow catheter
• Administration of a contrast dye solution
• The use of ultrasounds or x-rays to evaluate the proper deployment location

After the procedure the filter, which is made of a very fine wire, should begin working right away. Properly executed, this means those venous clots migrating from the lower limbs will not reach the pulmonary veins. Some patients have the filters removed after a short amount of time when the vascular specialist determines that the threat from clots has passed. Other patients continue to live with the filter in place, and must attend regular check-ups to make sure that no signs or symptoms of filter fracture or migration are present.

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