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Is Anticoagulant Therapy Better than IVC Filters?
IVC filters and anticoagulant therapy are used to treat the same medical issues. When a person has a problem with blood clotting and there is a risk a clot could break free and pulmonary embolism could occur, there is a need to prevent this from happening. Anticoagulant therapy reduces the risk clots will form and IVC filters reduce the risk existing clots will ever reach the heart or lungs.

Risks of IVC Filters and Anticoagulants
Most people would agree the risks associated with anticoagulant therapy are lower than those associated with IVC filters. The primary risks with anticoagulants is that they will cause a bleeding event that is difficult to control. Most anticoagulants have antidotes that stop bleeding, but some do not. Make sure you discuss antidotes with your doctor before you begin taking medication.

IVC filters pose more risks, but for some people they are more effective. Not everyone can use anticoagulants. Sometimes this is due to other medical conditions that are contraindicated for anticoagulants, and in other cases the medication just doesn’t work. A person’s blood might continue to clot even with the use of the medication.

Using Filters and Anticoagulant Therapy Together
If it is safe to use anticoagulants and they show some improvement but not enough, your doctor might encourage you to use medication in conjunction with the placement of an IVC filter. The anticoagulant will reduce the risk for clots, and if one should form, the filter can prevent it from causing any serious harm.

Unfortunately, there are a number of risks associated with IVC filters, especially retrievable ones, so not everybody is comfortable using it as a tool to prevent pulmonary embolism. Keep in mind pulmonary embolism can be deadly, so there are times when the risk of using an IVC filter will diminish in light of the risk of suffering the complications from a blood clot.

There really is no definitive way to decide if anticoagulants or IVC filters are better. It really depends on the circumstances of the individual and what he or she needs at a given time. If there is long-term risk for pulmonary embolism and the risk is high, an IVC filter can provide peace of mind. If the risk is minimal or temporary, a person might decide to forgo the problematic potential of an IVC filter.

The important thing is to discuss your concerns with your doctor so the two of you can decide together what is best for you.

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