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What are complications of IVC filters?
Inferior vena cava filters are used to treat conditions associated with blood clots. The conditions that cause these clots might not respond to traditional medications, they may be very large or numerous, or patients may suffer from conditions that continually put them at risk (i.e. immobility). Although the IVC filters are designed to minimize the risks associated with blood clots moving from the lower limbs to the heart and lungs, there are complications that exist and of which patients should be aware before selecting this procedure.

Complications During the Procedure
During the procedure itself the patient is at risk for complications. Most IVC filter procedures use contrast dye solutions, and some patients are allergic to the iodine component. This can cause minor reactions such as a rash or hives, or extreme reactions such as swelling of the airway.

The kidneys are also susceptible to the strain the contrast solution can cause. There are medications doctors can use as protective measures for the kidneys. Some patients also struggle with the procedure if they have something wrong with their backs. The procedure does require the patient to lie down, usually on his or her back, for the duration of the surgery.

Patients who have anxiety might find that staying at least lightly awake and aware for the procedure is extremely uncomfortable. For these patients doctors sometimes offer a light sedation, as it is very important that the patient remain still during the procedure.
There is also a risk of complications during the procedure that might require further surgical intervention, such as angioplasty or a bypass procedure, or even the filter being placed in the wrong location and perforating the vein. This is one of the reasons why an IV is usually placed, even though the procedure is relatively short, so that emergency medication can be administered.

Complications After the Procedure
After the IVC filter procedure there are still some inherent risks. There is no 100% guarantee that the device will remain in the same position. If the filter migrates from its original location it can cause injury to organs, including the heart or lungs. This can be severe, even resulting in death.

Another complication of the IVC filter is the build-up of too many clots within the filter that don’t break down. Patients who are at risk for significant clot formation are at most risk for this complication. If enough clots travel and get collected within the filter, the flow of blood can be severely restricted.

Traditional filters are not intended to be removed. In fact, the more time they remain in place, the more dangerous it is to remove them. Optionally retrievable filters (those that are designed to accept removal) sometimes can’t be effectively removed. Removing IVC filters poses risks for damage to the vein, as well as the similar risks for the initial procedure implanting the filter. As with any surgical procedure, the risk also remains that a post-surgical infection will set in. Medical teams take every precaution possible, and ask that patients report any unusual symptoms as soon as they notice them.

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