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What Is An IVC Filter Placement?
Placement of an inferior vena cava filter is done to combat the passage of blood clots from the legs or pelvic area to the lungs. The inferior vena cava (IVC) is the largest vein that is located in the abdomen. During placement of an IVC filter, imaging and contrast dye are used to guide a filter into place within the IVC.

Common reasons for the IVC filter placement are histories of risk associated with development of blood clots in the legs. These risks can manifest in different ways:
-Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a condition where thick blood clots develop, most often in the patients’ legs
-Pulmonary embolus, where a sudden blockage occurs in an artery of the lungs (most often these do not occur in singular circumstances)
-Effect of trauma in a patient
-Effect of immobility in a patient
-Effect of stress on the body after delivering a baby
-Inability of a patient to take blood thinning medications that further reduce the risks associated with many of the above circumstances

The IVC filter collects the large clot and stops them from travelling to the vena cava and then on to the heart or lungs.

Before an IVC filter placement patients should prepare by following directions from their doctors, which will likely include some or all of the following steps:

-Blood tests for assessing kidney functioning
-Blood clotting factor assessments
-Thorough health histories, including allergies (especially to contrast dye or iodine) and medications lists (including herbal supplements)
-Recent health issues, including illnesses, injuries, and other surgeries

Physicians also often provide guidelines for eating and drinking the day and night before, as well as the day of the surgery. Patients should be certain to address questions such as whether or not they should continue their diabetes medication as typical or if their insulin needs adjusting to counteract the diet restrictions.

During the procedure a physician will insert a catheter, a narrow tubing, into a large vein. Usually the groin or neck area is used for this. The catheter then is used to send the IVC filter all the way to the inferior vena cava within the abdominal area where it is released. The filter then expands and affixes to the walls of the IVC, where it is to remain.

A team of medical caregivers will monitor the patient throughout the procedure, performing tests and assessments such as heart and blood pressure monitoring. Once the filter is in place, the catheter is removed and the patient is on the way to recovery.

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