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Blood Clots and IVC Filters
As part of healthy body functions, blood cells gather together in order to repair damaged vessel walls. However, when these cells gather too heavily, in the form of blood clots in veins or arteries, they pose several threats. Initially blood clots might be symptomatic in these ways:

• Pain at the site (commonly reported behind the knee)
• Swelling at the site or in the extremities (edema)
• Heat/warmth at the site of the clot
• Redness at the site of the clot
• Difficult with mobility due to pain and/or swelling

When blood clots move to an artery, especially one that supplies blood to the brain or heart, the symptoms and catastrophic results include stroke and heart attack. Occasionally these blood clots move from their position in the veins of legs or arms. If they originate in the leg, for instance, they can pull away and move to the lungs. This causes a PE – or pulmonary embolism – which in turn causes pain and difficulty breathing.

Patients are at risk of developing these clots in the arteries when they have hypertension, high cholesterol, are diabetic, they have poor health habits such as smoking, they are obese, and they have a family history.

Patients are at risk of developing these clots in their veins when they are on bedrest or are recovering from surgery, are utilizing hormone therapies, have family histories, smoke, or carry genetic predispositions.

Treatment options for patients with blood clots depend upon several variables, including the location of the clots, the long-term prognosis, contributing health factors, ability to react well to anticoagulants, and others.

One such treatment option is the placement of a filter within the inferior vena cava (IVC). This filer is made from extremely fine wire and has “legs” which act as the filtering structure. Ideally the filter catches clots within the confines of the inferior vena cava before they have the opportunity to travel to the lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism.
Inferior vena cava filters are available in different types depending upon the condition of the patient. Those patients, for instance, who have just given birth and are at a temporary risk for complications due to blood clots might be more appropriate candidates for IVC filters known as “retrievable”.

For other patients who present with long-term risk factors for blood clots travelling from the lower limbs to the lungs are often better candidates for the long-term or permanent IVC filters. For either filter design, the implantation technique is the same, where a catheter is used to deliver the device just below the kidneys. For retrievable filters, a similar process is used to collect the filter once the immediate danger has passed.

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